Heart of America Science Resource Center offers hands-on science experiences for groups and families.  These personalized activity packages, consisting of one or more activities, will be tailor-made to the needs of your group.  Activities to choose from include field excursions, museum tours, and hands-on workshops.  We even do birthday parties!  We are now scheduling 2016 activities.

Field Excursions

Great Salt Plains (near Cherokee, OK)   6-7 hours     Learn the amazing story of the hourglass selenite crystals.  Discover how to find them, dig them for yourself, and take specimens home with you as souvenirs.

Heft Gravel Quarry (near Haviland, KS)   2-3 hours     Explore a real gravel quarry and learn about the gravels found in Kansas.  Where did they come from, and what story do they tell us about the Flood and post-flood Ice Age?

Metal Detecting (variety of locations near Haviland, KS)   2-3 hours     Learn the scientific principles by which metal detectors work, how to use them, and how to take care of them.  Practice in the field.

Museum Tours (2-3 hours)

Sternberg Museum of Natural History (Hays, KS)     Learn to think critically about the scientific facts we find concerning the history of the Earth. Compare the conclusions that have been drawn based on uniformitarian/evolutionary assumptions with those based on a Biblical worldview.  Help your children learn to defend their faith in the scientific realm.

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center (Hutchinson, KS)     The space race and resulting scientific discoveries about our universe verify the truth of God’s Word and that the heavens truly declare the glory of God.

Kansas Underground Salt Museum (Hutchinson, KS)     Visit one of the largest salt deposits in the earth.  Learn about the geology and microbiology of these deposits and their implications for a young Earth.

Gypsum Hills Nature Museum (Hardtner, KS)     View outstanding collections of butterflies and beetles, as well as a variety of other Kansas wildlife. Learn how to develop your own collection of beautifully designed creatures God has created.

Hands-On Workshops (2-3 hours)


  1. Telescopes:  Learn about the types of telescopes and the principles behind lenses and magnification.

  2. Stargazing:  Learn to use a telescope to identify heavenly bodies.  What can we learn about astronomy in the Bible and what constellations are named there?

  3. Starlight:  Discover how spectrophotometry helps us understand how light travels through space.

  4. Meteorites:  Handle a real falling star!  What are meteorites, and what impact do they have on the earth?  Are they mentioned in the Bible?


  1. Magnetism:  Explore the types of magnets, properties of magnets, how they can be made, their importance in astronomy, and how they are used to produce electricity.

  2. Electricity:  Discover the properties of electricity and types of circuits through hands-on activities.

  3. Light:  What does the Bible have to say about light?  Explore the electromagnetic spectrum and the specific characteristics of visible light through the use of prisms and lenses.

  4. Simple Machines:  Learn about levers, pulleys, and inclined planes, and their use in both the ancient world and modern technology.  Did Noah use these in building the Ark?

  5. Newton’s Laws:  Gain an understanding of Newton’s three laws of motion and gravity.  Hands-on activities demonstrate common uses of these physical phenomena in rocketry and space travel.


  1. Flood Geology:  How do the rock layers found throughout the earth show evidence of a worldwide flood?  Explore river-generated canyon formation.  Interpret the layers of rock at road cuts along a highway.

  2. The Ice Age:  Find out about the post-flood Ice Age and how it impacted our Kansas landscape.

  3. Volcanoes:  Explore volcanoes and their rock types and how they have affected the climate of the earth.  Observe how the lava lamp demonstrates basic concepts of rising magma.

  4. Rock and Mineral Identification:  Learn the difference between a rock and a mineral.  Identify a variety of rocks, minerals, and crystals.  Begin your own collection.

  5. Chemistry in the Mineral Kingdom:  Learn chemistry through the metals and other elements found in the mineral kingdom.  Explore the beauty and design God has put into the non-living world.

  6. Crystal Growth:  Learn the principles behind crystal growth as you grow your own crystals.


  1. Invertebrate Fossils:  Explore the world of fossil creatures without backbones.  Discover the processes involved in their formation and why it doesn’t take them long to form.  Learn what the scientific evidence really indicates.

  2. Vertebrate Fossils:  Learn about some of the largest animals that have ever roamed the earth and why they became extinct in the not-too-distant past.

  3. Dinosaurs:  Find out where dinosaurs are described in the Bible.  Learn about recent discoveries of dinosaur DNA and flexible tissue, as well as other evidence that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time.


  1. The Ancients:  Discover the genius of ancient mankind as God originally created them.  Learn about discoveries that refute the evolution of man.

  2. Exploration and Excavation:  Discover how to excavate, restore, and identify artifacts of the Old West.  Observe and practice some of the flint knapping techniques that have been used to make arrowheads.

Other Topics

  1. Lapidary Arts:  Create your own jewelry or sculpture with rock.  Learn to shape and polish a rock of your choice.  Take the finished product home with you.

  2. Conducting a Science Fair:  Learn how to plan and carry out your own science fair.

  3. Types of Science Fair Projects:  Learn the dynamics of research projects, inventions, and collections, and how to judge them.

  4. The Armor of God:  Put on the whole armor of God to stand against the lies of this evil age.