HERE WE GO AGAIN!! | One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers

HERE WE GO AGAIN!! | One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers 💀
Welcome back in to today’s spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1061!!! This is finally the chapter where we meet Vegapunk after all these years! Vegapunk also is somehow revealed to potentially be a little girl?! Besides that, the Seraphim make a comeback in the story here in Egg Head Island which is confirmed to be the next island that the Strawhats are heading towards! Luffy, Chopper, Jimbei, and Bonney are serparated together while Zoro and the rest of the Strawhats are elsewhere. Smoker and Tashigi are also confirmed to be on this island. Let me know what you guys think about this exciting chapter of One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers!!

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