I Think I Just SOLVED the One Piece, and Oda is a MADMAN

I Think I Just SOLVED the One Piece, and Oda is a MADMAN

I think I just solved what, where, and why is the One Piece👀🏴‍☠️
Why is Long Ring Long Land so free? Why did Roger stop at Water 7 for nothing? And what’s with all the afros anyway?

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Thumbnail art by d4nartss on Instagram – AMAZING ARTIST!

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00:00 – Introduction
1:02 – Oda’s Tendencies
4:38 – The Most (In)Significant Arc
9:54 – Joyboy and Long Ring Long Land
13:57 – Water 7’s Ancient City
16:47 – The Whale Argument
20:54 – Davy Jones, the Whale
27:28 – Where Lode Poneglyphs Point
30:09 – The One Piece is a…
34:57 – The Afro’s Purpose

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