HE’S COMING BACK?! | One Piece Chapter 1062

HE’S COMING BACK?! | One Piece Chapter 1062

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1062 💀
This latest chapter of One Piece Chapter 1062 introduces us to the 6 clones of Vegapunk! The one we meet in this chapter is Shaka, Lilith, and Atlas! CP0, Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy are on their way to get rid of Dr Vegapunk on Egghead Island and the Strawhats run into a potential Poseidon invention! Luffy turns Gear 5th this chapter as well as a gag and Bonney’s past is revealed! Blackbeard and Aokiji are now invading Wholecake Island as well! So many events in this week’s One Piece Chapter 1062!

💀 Artwork 💀
Usually I’ll borrow works from these 2 amazing artists so shoutout to them!
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