WHY IS HE HERE?! | One Piece Chapter 1064 Full Spoilers

WHY IS HE HERE?! | One Piece Chapter 1064 Full Spoilers

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1064 Full Spoilers 💀
This latest week’s chapter of One Piece Chapter 1064 Full Spoilers brings us a deeper insight to Law vs Blackbeard and what their devil fruits entail. Law’s Heart Pirates put up a decent fight against Blackbeard’s crew and Aokiji Kuzan is confirmed to be apart of them as well! Pudding can be see with the Blackbeard pirates and she assumes that Big Mom is down. BUT there is no confirmed 3rd eye awakening. Akainu takes note of Winner’s island. Luffy is affected by Bonney’s devil fruit and we learn that Kuma is a special race in the One Piece world so theory crafters are gonna love this. Zoro doesnt trust Lilith and stays on the ship; and that is when he get revealed that Dragon and Shaka / Vegapunk are potentially talking about Lulusia and Ancient Weapons! One Piece Chapter 1064 Full Spoilers are CRAZY this week with hype as always haha.

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