NO WAY HE CAN DO THIS!! | One Piece Chapter 1064

NO WAY HE CAN DO THIS!! | One Piece Chapter 1064

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1064 💀
This time around for the latest week’s One Piece Chapter 1064 we have Law vs Blackbeard continuing and we get to see what the Heart Pirates are truly capable of against the Blackbeard Pirates and their devil fruits! Law uses awakening right away against Blackbeard! Jimbei drops some interesting lore about Kuma and we theorize about what Kuma’s special race is and why they started making Pacifista and Seraphim. Next up we have Shaka / Vegapunk talking to Dragon and the revolutionaries! We might learn about the Ancient Weapons pretty soon!

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Usually I’ll borrow works from these 2 amazing artists so shoutout to them!
Woden P2:

This is the amazing person that makes most of my thumbnails :

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