THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST?! | One Piece Chapter 1065

THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST?! | One Piece Chapter 1065

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1065 💀
Alright! This latest chapter of One Piece Chapter 1065 has us talking about multiple big reveals! The first one being that the ancient kingdom / what happened in the void century is actually not what we have been theorizing about this entire time! The technology of egghead island is actually that of the past and it is revealed that the robot that Luffy finds in this chapter is actually from the ancient kingdom! Is that perhaps even a glimpse as to what joyboy couldve been? Also there is a need for fire to fuel all of Dr Vegapunks creations so maybe this is where Gear 5th Luffy makes a reappearance? Sanji also shines in this chapter vs a Jimbei Seraphim and could be showing off his Lunarian DNA! One Piece Chapter 1065 is absolutely busting at the seems with hype and new revelations!

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