ONE PIECE GAMEスペシャルムービー「今日も、ゲームみたいな一日を。」

ONE PIECE GAMEスペシャルムービー「今日も、ゲームみたいな一日を。」

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ONE PIECE GAMEの歴史と一人の少女の成長を渋谷のスクランブル交差点を起点に振り返る、
ONE PIECE GAMEスペシャルムービー「今日も、ゲームみたいな一日を。」


本スペシャルムービーは、長きにわたりONE PIECE GAMEを応援し、ともに成長し続けてくれたファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちと、
これからのONE PIECE GAMEに対する期待感を込めた映像作品です。

監督:柳沢 翔
出演:新田 桃子/宮窪 研

 Behind the Scenes of ONE PIECE GAMEスペシャルムービー 900日の軌跡

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The history of ONE PIECE GAME and the growth of a girl Looking back from Shibuya’s scramble crossing, ONE PIECE GAME Special Movie “Today, too, a day like a game.”

The latest video, directed by Sho Yanagisawa, who is known for his CG-like realistic images, challenges the audience with powerful action scenes using real flames.

This special movie is a work of art that expresses our gratitude to the fans who have supported and grown with ONE PIECE GAME over the years, and our expectations for the future of ONE PIECE GAME.

Director: Sho Yanagisawa
Cast: Momoko Nitta / Ken Miyakubo

▼behind the scenes video
 Behind the Scenes of ONE PIECE GAME Special movie 900 Days of Track Record