Zoro’s NEW Powers & Final ASHURA Transformation Revealed (ONE PIECE)

Zoro’s NEW Powers & Final ASHURA Transformation Revealed (ONE PIECE)

With one piece chapter 1080 being released soon, The One Piece Manga recently revealed one of the STRONGEST attacks in the series from Shanks, DIVINE DEPARTURE. But in this video, we’re going to tell you guys how Zoro will reach EVEN greater heights than the YONKO. Zoro will have to gain new powers to become the World’s Greatest Swordsman and he will do so by learning the unique personalities of ALL OF HIS BLADES, becoming a DEMON GOD.

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0:00 – How Zoro’s Haki will EVOLVE
2:01 – How Zoro Will Master His Swordsmanship – Zoro’s Swords Explained
7:48 – Zoro’s Personality & How It Will Shape His NEW HAKI & SWORDS