We Waited 26 Years For GARP To FINNALY Reveal 1% of His TRUE HAKI POWER! (ONE PIECE)

We Waited 26 Years For GARP To FINNALY Reveal 1% of His TRUE HAKI POWER! (ONE PIECE)

One Piece Chapter 1080 has just revealed Garp’s TRUE POWER. Garp has been speculated to have conquerors haki for DECADES and now Oda has finally CONFIRMED that he does indeed possess it when he demolishes the Blackbeard Pirates using the strongest attack in one piece called galaxy impact, destroying a whole town in one punch! Will garp be able to save his son koby with his ultimate hakiman powers? #onepiece #luffy #garp #blackbeard #onepiece1080 #op1080

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0:00 – The Situation on Fullalead Island – Koby Escaping the Blackbeard Pirates
4:23 – Blackbeard’s True Goal + What is SWORD?
8:52 – SWORD Arrives to SAVE KOBY!
11:40 – Garp’s FULL Power Explained